Shannon McIntoshBy Rodney Stone and Missy Martinette | Photos provided by Shannon McIntosh

Put the movie moguls of the world together in one room and you redefine the word intimidation—unless you’re Shannon McIntosh accompanied by Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein at The Oscars 85th annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

The Oscars happen to be the grandest night in the motion picture industry, and if you listen, you can still hear the voices of Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, John Wayne and even Bette Davis reciting their acceptance speeches for this most prestigious award. To be invited to this award-winning night is an honor; to walk down the red carpet and be admired—well that’s where the story begins.

For 24 years, Joe Stewart, owner of Bank Star One, has had uncanny timing, as we say in the film business, in “hitting his mark.” When I’m in the bank and Joe is present, he announces, “Rodney, you need to meet my niece Shannon McIntosh.” Like a déjà vu moment and with a charismatic smile, I always agree. After all,  he owns the bank! When Missy Martinette asked me to write the story on Shannon McIntosh, I somehow felt someone bigger than Uncle Joe was in control.

Shannon McIntosh is a Hollywood producer at the top of her career. Her accomplishments developed in a short time span, which has made this Missouri girl one of the state’s most incredible notables.

Shannon was born in Norman, Oklahoma, and has lived all over the Midwest. She loved coming to the Lake of the Ozarks for traditional family vacations. When her family lived in St. Charles, Missouri, countless hours were logged on Highway 54 for weekend trips to the Lake. Memories and experiences from her childhood developed Shannon’s values and personality, which are her platform for staying grounded and true to herself and her passions. With a father from Jamaica and a mother from the Midwest, Shannon has always said that she’s a rare combination of “spice of the islands and salt of the earth!”

Shannon McIntoshFamily is extremely important, making it top of the list with Shannon, even with a time-consuming film career. Growing up, her mother taught her to protect that which she loves. That still rings true in her life today, as she protects her love for her husband Jody Rath and two precious sons, Rex and Quinn. With Shannon’s extended family being thousands of miles away since her move to Los Angeles, the reliance on a tight-knit group of local friends has become essential.

One thing she has avoided, which truly makes her charming, is that Shannon remains a Midwest girl, not to be confused with the Hollywood crowd. Shannon tells me in a strong voice, “Rodney, I’ll never be Hollywood!” Being grounded, passionate and secure has taken Shannon’s success in Hollywood to levels film professionals dream of.

It’s the toughness in Shannon that has made it possible for her to work in Hollywood alongside Bob and Harvey Weinstein for the past 20 years. Billy Crystal stated last year that the Weinsteins get thanked more at the Oscars than the Academy.

Shannon McIntoshDjango Unchained was a controversial movie that Shannon executive-produced and her friend Quentin Tarantino directed. The media followed its release, not knowing how it would be interpreted or received. It had an award-winning cast: Jamie Foxx starred as Django, a slave who teams up with bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) to seek out the South’s most wanted criminals with the promise of Django’s freedom. Working with these stars—and others such as Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson—makes her day job surreal to outsiders.

Shannon also has been involved in other great films, such as Inglourious Basterds, starring Missouri native Brad Pitt. Recently, Shannon has set her eyes on producing films that have inspirational awareness, such as this year’s Christmas movie, Angels Sing, with Willie Nelson, Harry Connick, Jr. and Kris Kristofferson.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a football film Shannon has in development. The football theme isn’t a bit surprising. Shannon explains that two of her interests while growing up were singing and playing football. However, she followed a creative path from singing and acting to producing documentaries. This is where her talents prevailed and her passion and love transpired into film. But had the arts not won out, she just may have found her way into the NFL! Awards for the documentaries she produced were abundant as she continued to follow leads and landed interviews that led her to New York, then to Los Angeles. Her family was her foundation and support as she made commitments to share her producing talents with the most prestigious movie moguls.

Shannon McIntoshShannon applies her gratitude for life and love of family by getting involved in, an organization that has made a huge difference with poverty of children all over the world, especially in Africa. Shelene Bryan is the creator of Skip 1, and a close friend of Shannon and her family. Skip 1 foundation was developed to encourage one to skip the extras we Americans indulge in, and to donate the cost of that indulgence to an underprivileged child.

Shannon’s giving nature doesn’t stop at caring for sons Rex and Quinn or Skip 1. She also plays a big role in The Challenged Athletes Foundation. Her kind dedication helps this organization provide athletes with physical challenges the equipment and support they need to achieve their goals in sports and in life. Shannon has a love for athletics, and in addition to healthy daily activities and exercise, she makes time to play football of the European variety, on an adult women’s soccer team. This is a sport she began playing as a child.

If you asked Shannon where her life would be today had Hollywood not knocked on her door, she would say helping children and working on her chosen prized charities. This Midwest Missouri girl is down to earth; simply a mother raising children and working among celebrities. But it is Shannon’s creative, energetic, positive “spice” from the island that catapults her to success as a Midwest girl, mother and producer.

Watching this creative lady’s intriguing life unfold and lead her forward in her passion is historical as a Missourian. I appreciate her desire to be powerfully abrupt in her stand in life, films, family, and charities. Uncle Joe, you pushed for the stars and hit the mark.

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