Libations: The Fish and Co

Eat, Drink and PARTY!

The Fish and Co., on the water in the Linn Creek cove of the Lake near “Four Corners,” has been a popular eating and drinking destination for more than 20 years. Six years ago it was taken over by Missouri musician Dale Blue (The Barefoot Singer) and Iowa farmer Nard Sandholm.
The […]

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Fire and Water

“We live in an amazing area, with caring people and a beautiful landscape,” expresses Lake enthusiast Jeff Dorhauer. “Don’t take this for granted; it is something people in other areas wish they could have. Put some time into your community because you live in a community that will take care of you when you […]

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Recipe: Tap and Grill

If you’ve never heard of Tap & Grill Lakeside Brew Haus, a trip to this “five-star casual” restaurant is definitely in order! Owner Tim Vogel had been calling the Lake “home” since childhood and decided he wanted to make some changes. He wanted a high-class restaurant on the water. Excellent food. Fabulous views. A […]

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The Ambassadors

When a football player reaches the pinnacle of his career — becoming a pro — his life becomes very challenging, yet exciting. For most it is a whirlwind of cheering fans, regimented schedules, recognition off the field, signing autographs, making appearances at special events and being dubbed celebrities. That time in his life is […]

Recipe: Wise Guys Sandwich Pub

Dive Dining to Die For!
If you haven’t yet, you need to “wise up” and visit this great little gourmet sandwich shop!
Wise Guys Sandwich Pub and the Bread Bowl Bakery are in the heart of the Bagnell Dam Strip in Luby’s Plaza. The names for both were created one night long ago when the three […]

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Assembling the Ensemble

Assembling the Ensemble
Running a business that involves home building and maintenance involves countless hours and a tremendous amount of energy. Luckily, these owners run their businesses with their spouses, which allows them to spend time together in their already-busy schedules.
Tim and Ellen Glascock, owners of Glascock Construction, model together at their main office. The […]

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