Recipe: Wise Guys Sandwich Pub

Dive Dining to Die For!
If you haven’t yet, you need to “wise up” and visit this great little gourmet sandwich shop!
Wise Guys Sandwich Pub and the Bread Bowl Bakery are in the heart of the Bagnell Dam Strip in Luby’s Plaza. The names for both were created one night long ago when the three […]

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Assembling the Ensemble

Assembling the Ensemble
Running a business that involves home building and maintenance involves countless hours and a tremendous amount of energy. Luckily, these owners run their businesses with their spouses, which allows them to spend time together in their already-busy schedules.
Tim and Ellen Glascock, owners of Glascock Construction, model together at their main office. The […]

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Behind the Desk: The Sparks Family

Electronics impact almost every aspect of daily life. Everything from a self-driving car to voice activation control is being integrated into our everyday lives in a multitude of ways, from chores to entertainment. However, installing and setting up this new lifestyle can sometimes seem daunting. Randy and Nancy Sparks, owners of 21st Century Electronix/Automation, […]

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Recipe: Angelo’s


Gustoso Italiano!

Or some Midwest comfort food? Angelo’s has it all! As incongruous as that may sound, Angelo’s started as an Italian restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa, and when they relocated to the Lake they wanted to bring some Iowa specialties with them. Owners Mark and […]

Get your Barbecue On!

Just drive down Osage Beach Boulevard and the smell of smoky barbecue is sure to draw you straight into this Roadhouse, where you’ll be licking your fingers in no time.
Owners Mark and Brian Barrett, of the Barrett Restaurant Group, opened Wobbly Boots Road House in 2002 as the second of their three Lake-area restaurants. […]

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Women Who Own It!

Women Who Own It!

Businesses owned by women have a huge impact on the Lake market. Many female business owners juggle hundreds of other tasks while running their successful business, as they know the importance of motherhood, family and community, as well as having a career. The Lake area is home to many businesses of […]

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