Behind the Desk: Toast and Terrific Times

The holidays are very special times for gathering friends and family. Beyond the holidays are many more opportunities to enjoy being with special people. Gail Griswold and her husband Barrett Elwyn enjoy offering their gatherings places, Shawnee Bluff Winery and Shawnee Bluff Vineyard, to the Lake’s enthusiasts year-round.
“We strive to give our clients a memorable time. It’s also very […]

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The Festers of Goodwill!

What’s the Idiots Club?” Cofounders Danna and Denny Hiner enjoy the questioners’ intrigue, and energetically answer how this club serves the needs of Lake-area youth living in poverty rather than just being a jovial group with a unique name.
The Idiots Club came about as the couple wintered in Texas. They had previously become members of the International Idiots Club in South Padre […]

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Diamond in the Ruff


Weaving between the old wooden structures of the factory, a group of boys, BB guns in hand, tracked down rats. Among the hunters was Michael Kampeter, who would grow into the man who took the reins of the company […]

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Charitable Glamour

By Maggie Brenizer, managing editor     Photos by Liz Sparling

The seasons are quickly changing, and Lake locals are moving from the hustle of the summer season to planning and attending events where they can have fun while helping others. This time of year brings us together, supporting important charities and causes while getting the chance […]

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Recipe Feature: Windrose

By Kathy Roberts, LO PROFILE Editer • Photos by Jordan Weaver 

Windrose Restaurant on the Water is a fine dining Lakeside restaurant at Tan-Tar-A Resort. There has been a restaurant at this location since 1962. For a little background, Tan-Tar-A Resort started with 12 cabins, and opened for business on July 4, 1960. More buildings were added throughout the […]

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Always More: J’den Cox

Written by: Lexie Churchill   

Photography: Provided

J’den Cox hung from a tree, handcuffed and harnessed in. The timer was ticking. Unfortunately for his older brothers’ satisfaction, Cox’s expertise in escaping these situations had increased tenfold. After all, practice makes perfect. He broke the metal bracelet and got away, to the displeased looks of his elders. They liked to instill toughness early, but […]

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