Cover Story: Veterans

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Cover Story: Danan Hughes

How blessed I am to have entertained people on Sundays and Mondays wearing the Chiefs jersey,” Danan shares. “But itgoes beyond that as it created a platform for me for the next part of my life, being able to serve others.” Danan does this in numerous ways: being heavily involved in his family’s church, […]

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Katelyn Lewis: Crowned in Confidence

Crowned in Confidence

If the Miss America pageant were judged solely on who had the biggest heart, there is no doubt that Miss Missouri 2018, Katelyn Lewis, would have won by a landslide. Small in stature but mighty in faith, her four-year journey through the Miss America Organization has gained her $23,000 in college scholarships, […]

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Cover story: Jennifer Lorraine

Every morning for the past eight years, Jennifer Loraine wakes up, hops in her car and drives a little over six miles to her office in Washington D.C. She sits in the heavy traffic among a bevy of other Capitol Hill staffers just trying to get to work — but the 34-year-old wouldn’t have […]

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Football, Family, Faith and Friends

If everyone’s lives were likened to the game of football, then everyone could most likely point out the team of players that helped shape the story of their lives. For 43-year-old Lake of the Ozarks native Jason Whittle, it seems he had the perfect mixture of faith, family, friends and mentors to help him […]

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Lee Mace

Lee and Joyce Mace’s Ozark Opry and their wholesome performers’ talents, music and comedy brought the spotlight to Lake of the Ozarks as early as 1957.

How many of y’all came here tonight for a good time?” The answer was everyone, and boy did Lee and Joyce deliver
for decades. The Maces knew the hills before […]

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