Lee Mace

Lee and Joyce Mace’s Ozark Opry and their wholesome performers’ talents, music and comedy brought the spotlight to Lake of the Ozarks as early as 1957.

How many of y’all came here tonight for a good time?” The answer was everyone, and boy did Lee and Joyce deliver
for decades. The Maces knew the hills before […]

Pink Warriors

It has truly been an honor for L•O PROFILE to feature the three women you’ll meet here in our fashion section. They are warriors, survivors. Each fought their battles with breast cancer at different stages of their lives and defied the odds.We thank them for standing up in front of the camera to help […]

VIP Spotlight: Scotts Concrete

The definition of the word foundation found  in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary reads, “A usually stone or concrete structure that supports a building from underneath. Something such as an idea, a principle, or a fact that provides support for something
or someone.” The Scott family in Camdenton, Missouri, brings these words to life in both meanings. […]

J. Michael Finley

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Libations: The Fish and Co

Eat, Drink and PARTY!

The Fish and Co., on the water in the Linn Creek cove of the Lake near “Four Corners,” has been a popular eating and drinking destination for more than 20 years. Six years ago it was taken over by Missouri musician Dale Blue (The Barefoot Singer) and Iowa farmer Nard Sandholm.
The […]

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Fire and Water

“We live in an amazing area, with caring people and a beautiful landscape,” expresses Lake enthusiast Jeff Dorhauer. “Don’t take this for granted; it is something people in other areas wish they could have. Put some time into your community because you live in a community that will take care of you when you […]

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