The Bark Park

VIP Spotlight: Shoulders the Cross

For nearly two decades, this Osage Beach resident has walked the Lake area and central Missouri highways carrying one of his large crosses. He has poignantly and very visibly shared his Christian beliefs. Some folks give him an encouraging wave from their vehicles. Others give him a pause. They stop and get out of […]

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The Festers of Goodwill!

What’s the Idiots Club?” Cofounders Danna and Denny Hiner enjoy the questioners’ intrigue, and energetically answer how this club serves the needs of Lake-area youth living in poverty rather than just being a jovial group with a unique name.
The Idiots Club came about as the couple wintered in Texas. They had previously become members of the International Idiots Club in South Padre […]

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Me and Jim – The Lake's Music Men

If you’ve heard Me and Jim playing at a bar or restaurant around the Lake, you probably thought they were just a couple of good old boys who got together over darts one night and starting crooning. But these two had quite different beginnings.

Before joining forces, they each were in a variety of bands. Frank Phelps (the “Me” in […]

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Rescuing and Responding

Caring for unloved animals and going beyond being basic pet parents are Kathy and John Qualy of Sunrise Beach, Missouri. “My family took in a stray when I was nine years old. I was hooked,” Kathy shares. In the last few years the couple have taken in dogs that many people fear: pit bulls. “I always go for the ones with […]

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Running to Help, Not Running Away!

One Christmas Eve, when I was a child, my family heard the sound of a tremendous crash on our paved country road,” Betty Coleman recalls. “Mom yelled for me to call the Highway Patrol and the local doctor, then to bring blankets and run!” When Betty raced to the accident scene, “Mom was giving mouth-to-mouth to the baby. She sent me to […]

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