Our business is to build exactly the golf car you want, and there is no limit to it,” says Charlie Roden, general manager of TNT
Caddy Shack in Osage Beach, Missouri. With a genuine smile and ease, Charlie walks around the showroom pointing out the newest features of his Yamaha models, so his customers can choose what will fit their wants and needs. Starting from the base of electric or gasoline power, to its function, how many it seats, backup cameras, LED lights and custom paint jobs, Charlie and his team can assemble it.
Whether it’s a golf car for playing a round of golf, traveling within a gated community or an ATV helping with chores around the farm, Charlie and his team can make a car specifically for their customer.
“If you have it on your automobile, chances are we can also put it on your golf car,” he remarks. This statement is based upon his 16 successful years of serving his golf-car clients.
He began in the Lake area in 2001 with his motorcycle business in Camdenton on Highway 5, which became Caddy Shack in 2003. Yet even before this, his motivation to move others fueled his multiple prior businesses, most having to do with transporting people or products on wheels. “My passion is motorcycles,” he asserts.
Charlie has raced all over the United States in Class A flat track, then he moved to winged sprint cars. The skies called next when
Charlie learned to fly aerobatic planes, especially the PITTS and Warbirds — his favorite was the P-51 Mustang. During this time he owned and operated the FBO (airport) in Mexico, Missouri.Charlie was born close to Missouri, in the mountains of Sewanee,
Tennessee. The family often moved with his father’s transmission lineman jobs throughout the Midwest, including Fenton, Owensville and Montgomery City, Missouri.
His move to the Lake in 1996 — with his wife Judy and children Chelle and Richie — he vividly remembers as “that winter it snowed 18 inches in 12 hours.” It was right then he decided he was done with winters. He and Judy now spend winters each year in Key West, Florida, where they enjoy exploring the beaches and backroads of the Keys. They especially savor eating a hogfish sandwich at Gieger Key Marina and Fish Camp (a waterfront restaurant — without walls — overlooking the ocean), and people watching.
People are also the reason Charlie enjoys his current business. “The people I get to meet, that’s the neatest part of the Lake,” he says, smiling. “It’s just fun!” Charlie and his family also enjoy spending time together, walking the trails at Ha Ha Tonka
and boating. Recently, Charlie punched off one of his Bucket List items. He’s always had a boat, and now has a United States Coast Guard Captain’s license. This means he can charter a boat on any U.S. river and up to 200 miles off the seacoast.
Just as the ocean can be choppy, any business has its ups and downs, but during the downs Charlie’s hard work ethic kicks in. He
also reflects on positive William Clement Stone quotes and Napoleon Hill’s belief that “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
One benefit was meeting Terry Traeder, a distributor of TNT Golf Car and Equipment Company. In 2016, the men began a
partnership, giving Charlie a bigger platform from which to work, including an online presence. “Honestly, I only saw Terry three
times in 2018,” Charlie explains. “Terry’s dad Gus, who I have a lot of respect for, started TNT in 1961. He was amazing, in that if he met somebody once he could call them by name later on.”
TNT specializes in building the best, personal Lake vehicles for all of their Lake of the Ozarks customers’ needs and beyond. They
are the Lake’s authorized Yamaha golf car dealer and leading authority in customization, offering an array of ATV golf car lift kits,
tires, wheels and accessories.
In 2017, the partnership bought the current property on Osage Beach Parkway with added Highway 54 visibility. All the Yamaha
chassis are built in Newnan, Georgia, and customized for Charlie’s customers in Osage Beach. They are then delivered locally or
shipped all over America with his distinctive Gnarlie Charlie Custom Creations logo.
Charlie believes that if you treat people like you would like to be treated, and you always give 100 percent, plus surround yourself with good employees, then you won’t have to worry about having a successful business. Being in the business of successfully listening and building what the customer wants is the core of TNT Caddy Shack. Building a uniquely personalized golf car, one quality vehicle at a time, is Charlie’s signature, professional trademark. •