Busy as a BEA! — Spotlight VIPBy Selynn Barbour — Contributing Writer | Photos Provided By Bea Roggy

With a name like Bea, one may imagine a person who’s always busy. For Bea Roggy, it’s definitely true. Bea is short for Beulah, and she is a long–time volunteer at Lake Regional Health System in Osage Beach.

With more than 9,000 hours of service, Bea has made a significant contribution to Lake Regional,” says CEO Michael E. Henze. “I’m continually impressed by the dedication of our volunteers and the help and support they provide to our patients and our organization.”

During her 17 years of giving so that others could receive optimal healing care and compassion, Bea has devoted her time to a wide array of hospital departments. She has volunteered in areas ranging from the Wish-U-Well gift shops, Xpressions of Flavor coffee shops and the surgery waiting room to chairing numerous bake sales, assisting with the annual ball and holding multiple auxiliary board titles.

Compiling her gifts of time, 76-year-old Bea has documented more than 9,600 volunteer hours. This easily equates to working 24 hours a day for more than a year — 400 days to be exact — without any days off. In reality, Bea usually works in the mornings a few days a week, and continues today.

However, there’s much more to Bea than numbers. She was born in her grandparents’ home in Jermyn, Pennsylvania. This town was known for its mining production of anthracite coal, which fueled much of our country’s industries and heated many of the homes during the 18th and 19th centuries. It also fueled a town resident, Dr. Matthew Shields, to instigate the founding of first-aid training for a commercial business. His plan was originally developed in 1899 for miners, and Bea’s father and grandfather worked in the coal industry. Shields’ foresight grew into a plan that the American Red Cross implemented among other industries with his guidance.

Shields’ care of people provided a background for Bea. Also, her mother was a nurse so Bea grew up with a shining example of a love for people. She was one of four children, growing up next door to a family with eight children. The dozen of youngsters lived across the street from a little league baseball field.

Busy as a BEA! — Spotlight VIP“I was quite the tomboy,” Bea asserts. “We played baseball, touch football and hide-and-seek, as well as all the things the long winter had to offer such as ice skating, sledding, snow forts and lots of snowball fights.”

After graduating from high school in 1956, her uncle gave her a two-week vacation to Springfield, Missouri. “I guess I am still on vacation, because I never returned to Pennsylvania,” Bea says, laughing.

She then attended junior college classes and IBM school, and worked for IBM for nine years. She later worked for Standard Havens in Raytown, Missouri, as Operations Supervisor of the Data Processing Department. Bea remained with the company until she retired in 1992. During those years she met and married her second husband, Ron. They met on a singles church trip to Branson and have laughed and loved the 31 years since then. Together they celebrate their five children, “of whom we are very proud,” she says. They enjoy their daughters, Quiness and Shari, and sons Ron, Mark and David. “Our family has grown way beyond what we ever expected,” she says, glowing. They now also have 23 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren with two more on the way.

Busy as a BEA! — Spotlight VIP“The most important things in my life are my faith in God, my family and my friends. My favorite things to do are laugh, help people and play games with family and friends, quilt, read and travel,” Bea says.

“I love to quilt,” she continues. Her first quilt was awarded a second place ribbon at a local showing. “It brought tears to my eyes when I saw that ribbon. I was so surprised,” she recalls, smiling at the memory. Others appreciate her work as well. Her “Choose Hope” breast-cancer-ribbon quilt delighted many. She stitched this quilt for a raffle benefiting the hospital’s cancer center. Most members of her family have received her threads of love. She’s designed quilts for all of her grand- and great-grandchildren.

Bea’s life activities have always involved people. Having helped at their churches over the years, she continued when she and Ron moved to the Lake in 1998. She volunteered at the First Baptist Church in Camdenton with the Senior Adults. Then, later in 1998, she herself was a patient at Lake Regional Hospital.

“Everyone who helped me was so caring and loving that I decided that I would like to become a part of the Auxiliary,” she recalls. The next year began her enduring endeavors at LRHS.

“It blesses my heart when I look at the friends I’ve made while providing a service,” she exclaims. “The opportunities I have been given are endless. My favorite thing is working behind the scenes doing all the little jobs that keep the Auxiliary functioning.”

Busy as a BEA! — Spotlight VIPBea has shared 17 years of professional, punctual and people–pleasing service, and is the recipient of the Auxiliary’s Lifetime Achievement award. There’s no doubt as to why, as Bea admits that she has gained more from volunteering than she has given. She encourages others to volunteer at the hospital, and assures no one will be disappointed.

“It is such a pleasure to work with Bea. She has served in many positions on the Auxiliary Board and volunteered in many areas of the hospital,” says Terri Hall, Director of Fund Development and Volunteer Services. “She is my go-to person for history about our volunteer program and the Auxiliary.”

Currently, Bea’s position on the board is Historian, where she is scrap–booking 37 years of Hospital Benefit Balls. “I only have 27 years to go, so it will be an ongoing project. My goal is to have it done by the end of the year,” she surmises.

Her goal will easily be reached with her compassionate heart, attitude of perseverance and plan of action. Bea’s nurturing has graced not only her family and friends, but also the numerous patients and staff at LRHS. Her volunteering continues to contribute to the health and happiness of all who come in contact with the path of this busy Bea.

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