By Maggie Brenizer Managing Editor

Photos by Rachel Taylor

Build and Design professionals are experts on taking diverse elements and putting them together to create unique styles and looks. L•O PROFILE’s models from the Build, Design and Real Estate industries did just that with their own personal wardrobe choices.

L•O PROFILE visited the project site of The acd Group, where Heather Imler and Kurt Flickinger sported a couple of the newest trends. Heather stepped out of her comfort zone, finding a new look she loved with the help of Shabby Chic Boutique. Blair’s Landing found great looks perfect for Kurt and his personal style.

We also visited the work site of Bullock Construction, where Jessica Bruce and Nicol O’Sullivan of Berkshire Hathaway modeled great looks. Jessica looked stylish and trendy with the assistance of Blair’s Landing. June & Beyond Boutique worked with Nicol to find items that fit both her style and the season.

When you are ready to build on your current ensemble we advise you to visit one of our trusted retailers to assist you in finding the perfect items for your style •

NAME: Kurt J. FlickingerScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.14.11 AM

AGE: 44

OCCUPATION: Residential and commercial design; acd Group, LLC

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AT THE LAKE? I’ve been coming to the Lake every weekend since I was six weeks old. I’ve been a full-time resident since 2010.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN YOUR FIELD? I have worked for several firms over the last 20 years on projects including industrial, churches, hotels, community centers, movie theaters, stadiums, restaurants, retail centers, medical facilities and custom homes, both locally and internationally.

WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE FOR SOMEONE LOOKING TO BUILD A NEW HOME? Hire an architect/design consultant! They can walk you through the process and help you organize your wishes, create a picture of the finished project, and help you keep the project within budget.

IF BUDGET WASN’T AN ISSUE, WHAT WOULD YOUR DREAM HOME LOOK LIKE? The design would be site specific, such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” or Antoine Predock’s “Turtle Creek.” The home would marry function with modern form.

NAME: Jessica BruceScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.14.26 AM

AGE: 30

OCCUPATION: Broker-Salesperson, Co-Owner, O’Sullivan Bruce Group, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Lake Ozark Realty


WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF BEING A REALTOR? My clients. The buyers and sellers we work with are living their dream: owning a Lake home as a second home. It’s really quite an honor to be the one who makes that dream happen for them.

ARE YOU A FLIP-FLOP OR HEEL-WEARING KIND OF LADY? BOTH! I have an equal number of heels and flip-flops in my closet and could not do without both!

WHO IS YOUR MENTOR AND WHY? My parents. They both instilled strong family values, a great work ethic, a solid belief in God and the power of positivity. Work hard, do it honestly and you can achieve anything.

NAME: Nicol O’SullivanScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.14.54 AM

AGE: 24

OCCUPATION: Agent, Co-Owner, O’Sullivan Bruce Group, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Lake Ozark Realty

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AT THE LAKE? I’ve been coming down to the Lake since I was born.

WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING PART OF YOUR JOB? Closing Day. The sheer joy and excitement you see on a buyer’s face on closing day makes the whole process worth it. When they get those keys in their hand you can see it sinking in that their dream of owning a second vacation ‘fun money’ home has become a reality.

WHO DO YOU TAKE SHOPPING WHEN YOU NEED FASHION ADVICE? My mom, because she has great fashion sense.

WHAT IS THE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE YOU GIVE SOMEONE LOOKING FOR A HOME? Take your time and don’t rush the process. Have patience and an open mind that when the right piece of property comes along, you’ll know it. And when you see it, BUY IT, and don’t look back.

NAME: Heather ImlerScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.15.29 AM

AGE: 27

OCCUPATION: Interior Designer/Owner of acd Group LLC.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AT THE LAKE? I grew up in the lake area. I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota for 6 years, then moved back home in 2014.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO YOUR FIELD OF BUSINESS? I would say it started when I was very young and my dad was sketching a house plan on a notepad. Once I realized you could put walls, rooms, doors, windows, etc. where you wanted, I fell in love with the idea of being able to make a house your own.

WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR STYLE INSPIRATION? Many things inspire my style: artwork, abstract patterns, nature, I could go on. It really comes down to my mood that day. As far as design, figuring out my clients’ style and bringing that into a space is when my true style comes out.

HOW IS IT WORKING IN A FIELD THAT’S PREDOMINANTLY MALE? I honestly enjoy it. I am always up for a challenge, and it truly makes me work harder to prove myself. I would rather aim
high and take on the adventure of life than get to the end of the road regretting that I didn’t have a good run at making my dreams come true.

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