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Cole Bradbury took Julie on their first date the same day he closed on the purchase of this Lakeside lot in Osage Beach, and their lives have been a whirlwind ever since. He proposed here, where the kitchen now stands; they got married; they designed and built their new home; and they purchased Anytime Fitness of Osage Beach for fitness guru Julie to pursue her dream. And now they’re dreaming of starting a family!

The style of their new home is modern, but without the “edge.” Julie calls it “Comfortable Modern.” They want people to feel comfortable and sit on the furniture. “This is our dream house,” Julie says. “It’s everything we wanted, but we were a little nervous to carry out our design. It’s very different from all the other homes on the Lake.” Two towers with cedar siding are the focal points — one is the flat-roofed staircase in the front, while the other is topped with a single-sloped roof in the back. This definitely gives it a modern edge.

“Once we committed to doing a modern home, we agreed to do it inside and out, and doing the roofline is a big part of what you’re seeing,” Cole continues. “Dan Lind [of Thomas Homes] came up with the idea and it was exactly what we wanted.” Outside, Julie thinks the use of stone is gutsy; more industrial, hard and less rustic looking, and sets off the color of the house. They didn’t want landscaping to detract from the design, so they stayed with minimalist retaining walls and some river rock to soften things up a little bit. Bamboo was planted in front to give it a finished, modernish feel. “Our landscaper said our house felt very ‘zen,’ so the bamboo fits
right in and softens some of the edges,” Cole says. The rest of it is grass and they have a flat lot, so they wanted to have as much space as possible for their kids and dog to run around. Inside, they wanted an open living plan with clean lines. They started with the fireplace. Not having a hearth went along with their modern style.

“The biggest part was going with tile instead of stone,” Julie says. “Keep everything sleek and simple. The bright white tiles spoke to us, and we decided to place them vertically instead of horizontally, which is a way to draw the eyes up to the ceiling to make it look a bit higher and a little more modern. Then, we did all the backsplashes in the house the same way.” Julie had seen pictures of the shelving on either side of the fireplace, and decided it had more of the modern twist she wanted. She also loves the floating mantel and decorates it seasonally.

When they chose the furniture for this room they had two main things in mind: It should be comfortable, and not too modern and streamlined or puffy and traditional. They finally found what they wanted, with squared-off armrests and flat pillows across the back with the same clean, streamlined bold look. Simple yet inviting and

Flooring throughout the main level is bamboo. They chose it because it’s extra durable and doesn’t scratch easily. It’s excellent for dogs, especially for very active ones like their rescue dog, Dizzy. Julie chose the ceiling fan because she thought it was “unique.” She says they wanted to have a few crazy details here and there.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.14.46 AM
The sleek, minimalist light fixture over the dining room table was selected so as not to block the Lake view from the kitchen, and the table for its lines and stainless steel details. The metal and simple lines were themes they wanted to carry throughout the house.

Both Cole and Julie say the screen porch that wraps around the dining room area is their favorite spot in the whole house. It was built to look at the sunrises and sunsets, which can be seen from any spot on the porch. They wanted it to be big and spacious so they could use it as their entertaining area. It’s also a good space to sit and watch the boats go by. A small patio outside the porch is a safe setting for the grill.

Adjacent to the dining room, the kitchen stands out with Shakerstyle cupboards that reach to the ceiling. Below the countertops they opted for all drawers instead of cupboards to avoid having to reach to items in the back. The microwave is also under-counter and opens down like an oven door. Granite countertops are a swirled white with black (cookies and cream) — so no one can see her crumbs when she eats them, Julie says! “The biggest thing to me in the kitchen is the stove and the oven. It’s very big and industrial looking,” Julie says. “It has a griddle, six burners and two ovens — both convection. My favorite part is the warming lights under the range hood! This kitchen is more like a commercial-type with all the stainless steel.” Again set vertically, glass tiles for backsplash and above the countertops go up to the ceiling. Julie feels the light, bright tiles really illuminate the kitchen with its dark wood, and two windows on either side of the range keep it bright and cheerful.

The sink in the big center island features very modern fixtures for another of Julie’s trendy touches. The island is oversize for extra cooking space and eventually to be a family area with kids’ snacks, homework, etc. — down the road! It was part of the plan for the home being one they could grow into. Behind a very modern twist on a sliding “barn door” is a large pantry. On another wall behind the same type of door is a half bath. A laundry room off the kitchen features cubbies for coats, boots and more, and leads to the garage.

One of the most striking features of the entire home is the garage doors! Cole says these were definitely a splurge item. The panels in the doors are semitransparent glass. Cole thinks that along with the wood panel out front, garage doors are what makes a modern home modern, and that they would have felt like they were cheating the style a bit without the doors. In the evening they just glow! Back inside, between the kitchen and the stairs, is a small wet bar. When they have company it keeps people out of the kitchen and instead use the living and dining room areas and out of the cook’s way! Past the living room is the master suite, which was built to take advantage of the view of the cove out to the main channel. It’s a cozy space, and they didn’t feel the need to waste any of their square footage in here; they just wanted to make it practical with a good view.

“With all the shades of gray in the house, we decided to brighten it up a little bit in here with the greenish-blue color,” Julie says. “The picture over the bed is a photo that Cole took on our honeymoon in Bora Bora, and the color of the water there pretty much matches that wall. It was beautiful, so it worked out well.” The master bath has the same tiles as the fireplace to help elongate the space. The floors are heated, and the shower oversize. The countertops are the same as in the kitchen — Julie says they are same throughout the house. She has some funky faucets here too. Key word here: funky! Halfway up the stairs to the upper level — this is the area they call the tower — are huge windows looking out the front. They wanted a one-of-a-kind statement piece here that people would see when they pulled up to the house, and three-dimensional since it would be seen from both inside and outside. They both really love the interlocking ring design.

At the top of the stairs is a photo of the couple from a 3-week trip they took to Cambodia and Vietnam when they were dating. Julie says that they were going to come back either broken up or knowing they were going to marry each other! The outcome is obvious, and they used the photo as their guest book at their wedding. Cole and Julie didn’t want to use a lot of space for the bedrooms and bathrooms, and wanted them to be nice, but not overdone. Clean-lined furniture is the order of the day here, too, as in the rest of the house.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.14.57 AMThe first bedroom is a suite with a Lake theme, and is the main guest bedroom. They put a rippled metal map of Lake on the wall as a decoration and also so they could show their guests the location of the home as well as the places they visit while they are there. The en suite bathroom features a beautiful glassed-in shower with gray tile as in the master bath. They didn’t want the bath to be any bigger than it needed to be, but with all the amenities. The second bedroom is what they call the “favorite child’s room.” It’s easily big enough for a king-size bed, has a sloping ceiling and modern, unusual angles. It also has a “killer” view of the main channel.
Over the bed are paintings done on papyrus that Cole brought back from a trip to Egypt. The adjacent Jack-and-Jill bathroom leads to the front and smallest bedroom, which isn’t being used right now. They plan to use it for the nursery.

On the lowest level of the home, a family room is plumbed for a kitchenette and a bar. The furniture here is very loungy and comfortable, and it’s a great place to just kick back and watch the game. To one side is a room that the couple plan to use for a home gym and Julie’s office. They both want to be able to work out at home. This part of the room will feature rubber flooring. The office portion of the room will have a built-in desk and shelving from the edge of the door to the back of the room, making it easy for her to stay organized. The walls will have space for her diplomas, marathon photos and more. On the other side of the family room is another full bath, which is finished in the same tile as the ones upstairs. It connects to an as-yet-unfinished guest room overlooking the Lake, which boasts the biggest closet in the house! Also on this side is a storage room for outdoor toys.

The couple wanted to take advantage of the flat lot and have a walkout to the yard and all the way down to the water. There are beautiful views from these lower-level rooms out to the yard and water. Dizzy
really likes it down here.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.15.16 AM

Julie says, “When we get a little farther out from the house — on the dock or in the water — and look at the house, the architecture really pops. When they were thinking about a dock, they decided they wanted it big. They wanted a lot of outdoor space, so this one is nearly 3,000 square feet. “It’s the best part of living at the Lake, to sit out here all weekend and watch the boats go by,” according to Cole. “When we have company, that’s where we entertain. We do lots of paddle-boarding and swimming. Now that the cove is no-wake, we can have a lot of fun off the dock.” “Our boat is a Rinker 262,” he continues. “We like to boat to restaurants and just for fun. It’s a little small to try to brave the Saturday 4 p.m. traffic. So now that we have a house in a cove, we don’t have to take the boat to go cove out. We just sit on the dock and enjoy!”

Now that they have their dream house, all they need to do is start their “funky” family to fill it up! •