Eat, Drink and PARTY!

The Fish and Co., on the water in the Linn Creek cove of the Lake near “Four Corners,” has been a popular eating and drinking destination for more than 20 years. Six years ago it was taken over by Missouri musician Dale Blue (The Barefoot Singer) and Iowa farmer Nard Sandholm.
The restaurant had always had a family atmosphere, and still does, but Dale and Nard brought a fun, party side to it with music. The menu still includes many of the original items, but several more special ones have been added to give your taste buds a variety. Seating usually isn’t a problem, with more than 300 available, but The Fish often fills up on summer weekends. Most of the seating is outdoors next to the water, and is covered. Also, nearly every seat has a great view of the Lake!
The Fish is very popular in June and July for several reasons: Good food; friendly staff; GREAT bands; and a casual, informal atmosphere (“The main rule we have is that shirts are not to be tucked in,” according to Manager Sean Dolven).
It’s a great family restaurant with a party side. Dale plays most days, DJ Kyle takes over on Thursday nights and a band is featured on weekends. Everyone at The Fish and Co. wants their customers to have a good time, tell others and come back!
The Fish and Co. bar serves all the usual favorites, plus a few that you probably won’t find anywhere else, in sizes from a cup to a
bucket to a fish bowl. A couple of customer picks include Super Sonic Cherry Limeade with a rum base, and a Blood Orange
Senorita, with, of course, tequila! But the real standout here is the Drunkin Fish, served in a Fish Bowl. •