By Ned Soseman — Contributing Writer

Staying on Top of TechnologyThe new year is bringing new technologies, and it’s to your business and personal advantage to keep up with the changes.

New technology is accelerating in dual directions. One is toward smaller, more powerful and less-expensive products. The other is toward larger products with more high-tech features, advantages and benefits, sometimes at premium prices.

The use of science and invention for practical ends is rapidly expanding the capabilities of individuals and businesses. One of the biggest challenges of most new technology is making it easy for everyone to use. The following pages feature several useful, technology–driven products that focus on new ideas with practical advantages.

The Internet of Things

TV and Internet are only a part of most homes’ complement of electronics. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides means to integrate home electronics and devices into a network manageable by smartphone.

Control4 is a smart automation solution for homes and businesses that makes it easy to control every aspect of an installation from any location in the world, using one simple–to–use interface. Virtually every device and system can be controlled remotely. What makes Control4 different is its power and simplicity, and its variety of available controllers. The controller allows the electronic devices in a home to work together, from lighting and security to music and video — anything that uses electricity.

Staying on Top of TechnologyControllers are accessed by tablets and smartphones. For example, one touch on a tablet button can trigger a customized series of events, such as close the shades, start a movie, and turn on the screen and surround sound at a preset volume.

Timed events can be set to lock or unlock a whole house automatically, arm and disarm alarms, adjust thermostats, turn lights on and off, and do anything else that is controllable, all based on times of day.


752 Bagnell Dam Blvd. Suite B
Lake Ozark, MO 65049

Staying on Top of TechnologyDigital Entertainment

According to Jamie Corwin, owner of The Entertainer, two new TV trends are
emerging. One is 4K, the other is the curved display.

Ultra-HDTV (UHDTV) is also known as 4K, which refers to roughly the number of horizontal pixels on one line of the picture. The size of an HDTV picture is 1920 x 1080; a UHDTV picture is 3840 x 2160 pixels. Imagine four HDTVs stacked two and two. That’s the total pixels of UHDTV. It also requires about four times the bandwidth. Television stations can’t broadcast UHDTV, but Netflix has begun UHDTV streaming, which requires a 25 Mb/second Internet connection. Other sources are sure to follow.

The latest UHDTV display technology is the curved screen. There is no standard curvature and not everyone agrees which curve is best. It is said that the slightly curved screen provides a greater sense of depth by expanding your field of vision, and that it helps reduce eye fatigue.

Another technology tweaking the interest of The Entertainer customers is expanded Wi-Fi coverage. Owner Corwin says people want reliable Wi-Fi in their homes, on their docks and across their property. Expanded Wi-Fi is handy for portable or on-dock streaming audio and it greatly simplifies adding remotely located Wi-Fi security cameras and devices to the network.

Staying on Top of Technology


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