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Influential business leaders,  lake business owners and titans of business is an important part of our magazine showcasing some of the great people in our community. From small business to big business, we cover it all.

This issue is never complete without a feature covering Investments, Real Estate, Banking or Buying trends and how if effects the Lake of the O’zarks. There are so many businesses that effect the economy around the lake and Missouri, and you can read it here.

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Anniversary People / Business / Entertainment September - October

The Pros of Profile

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Feature Health / Fitness / Beauty / Style March - April Months Profile

Pets Wellness Health and Beauty


L•O PROFILE covers so many stories on being fit, eating good and staying well. We are the only magazine that boasts using business owners and families as models embracing that entrepreneurial spirit. There are faces of so people in our magazine, it depicts the essence of who lives at the lake and how they change people’s lives.

Keep up with the latest fashion trends on the Lake with features from L•O PROFILE showcasing local boutiques and models with advice on what to wear, where to wear it, and how to style and outfit. Health crisis or health conditions our experienced team writes about what is important.

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Get inspired by the latest in design, home amenities, architecture and extreme living by getting an inside look at some of the spectacular homes in the Ozarks. From sophisticated waterfront homes to unique architecturally trendy estates, you’re sure to be inspired. 

We capture the most beautiful homes and the contractors who build them. From new to remodel, you will see the beautiful homes and home decor in our summer spreads. We bring you big homes, docks that delight and landscapes that amaze.

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Elite Home / Design Feature September - October

Shouse Living


Dining / Wine / Spirts Feature Food September - October

Get to the Meat & Potatoes


With its delicious coverage of the Lake of the Ozarks’ finest restaurants and the world of wine, L•O PROFILE informs, entertains and delights your culinary senses with insightful takes on wine, beer and spirits and what’s happening in the food world.

Entertainment is a big lake business. Musical entertainment, The Arts and destination activities make up a big part of the lake’s excitement.

Visit and see all the great establishments the Lake offers, from waterside restaurants to summer hot spots, to infamous eateries to award winning fine dining restaurants.

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This time of year we are able to slow down a bit and start remembering the life, style, and good times of years gone by while welcoming the new. We do this Ambassadors of Hope issue.

There are many causes and charities that are important and necessary for a large population and we work to bring it to the forefront with great stories and admiration of those who work so hard or who have been faced with much adversity.

Always look for this issue, as we cover so many heartfelt stories.

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September - October VIP Scene

September / October 2023 Launch Social

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Feature Holiday Holiday / Event Planning Months November - December Profile

The Legend of Santa Claus


The holiday’s always brings great stories and family memories. Our issue showcases some of the great Christmas spite home owners and businesses have around the community.

L•O PROFILE has detailed feature stories on wedding planning and great tips for that special occasion, along with many great business that have a knack for wedding services. And there is no better place to see before and after remodel projects around the lake.

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L•O PROFILE features transportation trends around the Lake and beyond. The best and most sophisticated yachts, planes, cars and bikes are featured in dazzling pictorials with the famous who own them. See the celebrities and everyday people who make the Ozarks a lifestyle.

Kansas City Chiefs, Mizzou Tigers and many sports figures grace our covers with exciting stories of their ties to central Missoui. Learn about so many great people from our area and surprise celebrities that have a Lake Ozark history.

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September - October Sports / Motors / Lifestyle

Heavy Metal Thunder