Boating Advancements in the Last 10 YearsThe Lake of the Ozarks has seen some significant changes in the last 10 years. New businesses have opened and new trends and lifestyles have started. From bigger and faster boats on the water to new and improved features and water toys, boaters are keeping the lake in the game with some of the most innovative technologies and advancements the industry has ever seen. Here are some of the biggest changes and trends.

Joystick Piloting

Joystick piloting is an advanced marine propulsion technology that has made a big difference in boating at the Lake. The propulsion technology makes docking and maneuvering in wind or rough waters much easier. So how does it work? The engine and thrusters work together in low-speed maneuvers allowing the boat captain to make precise movements when docking, picking up riders safely or loading the boat onto a trailer. If you want to move sideways, diagonally or spin your boat on its own axis you now have that capability right at your fingertips with the use of the joystick.

Touch-Screen Dashboards and Controls

Boat manufacturers are placing touch-screen displays in newer boats instead of analog gauges and push buttons. Now, there’s a screen that displays all the different gauges and the controls for the boat.

Automatic Positioning Systems

The Skyhook from Mercury Marine and the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) from Volvo Penta are two types of the automatic positioning system. These are digital anchors that allow you to lock your boat’s position and maintain that position within a tight area—even in rough water or windy conditions—using a GPS satellite antenna. This feature is ideal when holding the vessel in your favorite fishing spot or holding your position while next in line at a fuel dock. The best part is, it’s all done with a single push of a button.

Wake Surfing

Although there are plenty of skiers, wakeboarders and tubers on the water, wake surfing is quickly becoming a growing sport and recreational activity at the Lake. Wake surfing is so popular because it is very user friendly and easily learned by everyone. It also has a much lower risk of injury because it is done at slower speeds than the other sports.

Dock Lifeguard and Flood Buddy

These devices were created to prevent accidental electrocutions. Dock Lifeguard is used to detect hazardous electric voltage in the water or on a dock with a visual and audible warning. Flood Buddy detects when your dock ramp gets submerged in flood conditions and automatically disconnects power to the dock to prevent electrical hazards.

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