“Wait?” you’re surely saying to yourself. “This is the space in the magazine where the older white-haired man always writes about his long life of interesting experiences at The Lake. The dude who looks like Ernest Hemingway. He wrote fun stories about hanging out at The Lake before there even was The Lake. Where did he go? Did he finally fall overboard?”

Fear not, fellow Lakers, Jim Sterling is still alive and well, doing a lot of walking (sometimes in circles) and living a healthy and productive life in retirement, often with the help of his bottle of Captain Morgan’s. A couple of months ago, Missy Pinkel, the publisher of this fine periodical, sent me a cryptic email that said something to the extent of: “Welcome to the team, Doug! Jim says you have agreed to take over his column!”

Bad news to me. I was suddenly hired to do a thankless job I had never applied for.