Most women start dreaming as a little girl what their wedding will be like. From the wedding dress to the father-daughter dance, it all begins as a fairy tale. Then once you find your “Prince Charming,” plans start to form a whirlwind—no matter how big or small the event is going to be. From the all-important bridal gown to the bridesmaids’ dresses to even outfits for your honeymoon, you have to have the perfect look for each.

Of course, most people say you will never look as good as you do on your wedding day, but L•O PROFILE protests. We believe that you can appear just as elegant and beautiful any day of the week. The secret is to know your body type and to fit it correctly, which is something that will always be in style and in season.

Whether a wedding dress, a cocktail dress for your rehearsal dinner or an ensemble for a trip, when you’re trying to find an outfit for that special occasion, remember to look for something figure-flattering and that makes you feel good. And don’t forget that you can look fabulous and glowy any day you want… not just on your wedding day!

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