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Trending Products and Services that will keep you on the Cutting Edge of Great Health. Innovations to keep your pet healthy and safe. Featuring a range of available services for your pets and a variety of beauty products for you to try.

Boating Beautiful

With our beautiful lake weather, locals have been able to enjoy the outdoors throughout the late fall and early winter, and the big fashion statement to keep us warm as the temperatures cool down is layering! Do it with a cute cardigan or furry vest and add stunning boots, and you will be envied by […]

Women Who Own It

Businesses owned by women have a huge impact on the Lake Market. many female business owners juggle hundreds of other tasks while running their successful business, as they know the importance of motherhood, family and community, as well as having a career. The lake era is home to many businesses of numerous varieties owned by […]

Foods That Keep You Feeling Refreshed

There is a reason water is called the source of all life. Water is an essential nutrient for human life; in fact, the adult human body is around 60 percent water. Given water’s importance, as the heat and humidity rise in the summer, we may need to get creative to meet our hydration needs. “Staying […]

Making the Lake a Better Place

L•O PROFILE is recognizing three deserving women for the work they do for our community. They spend their time working in a business, as well as volunteering time to make their community stronger. Brenda, Cyndi and Michelle are passionate ladies who work to improve the lives of others and reshape the community itself. Michelle Cook, […]

Your Summer Eating Plan

Summer can be the best time for healthy eating, or it can be the worst. Some people eat very healthfully, out of their gardens or with healthful choices offered at Lakefront eateries. Others live on burgers and fries. “Summer brings its own opportunities and pitfalls to good nutrition,” says Lake Regional Registered Dietitian Jordan Fox, […]

Dazzling and Merry

After celebrating your Thanksgiving traditions and before you start the New Year’s resolutions, spend the season of giving and celebrating with those you love and appreciate. Everyone, no matter what type of function they are attending, deserves to feel their best! With the help of several of our supporters, L•O PROFILE has found people who […]