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The Legend of Santa Claus

He’s the holly; white-bearded, portly legend that most of us were raised to know and love. Living at the North Pole, he works year-round with a team of elves to create enough Christmas toys to deliver to good boys and girls as an example of giving on the eve of the birth of Christ

Comfort and Joy

A holiday social is not complete without a sweet treat and a warm, cozy drink. With Ozark Cookie Company’s Cinnamon Whiskey Eggnog Cream Sandwich Cookie and 1932 Reserve’s  Wita’s Coffee, you are sure to satisfy your guests’ cravings.   

Dazzling and Merry

After celebrating your Thanksgiving traditions and before you start the New Year’s resolutions, spend the season of giving and celebrating with those you love and appreciate. Everyone, no matter what type of function they are attending, deserves to feel their best! With the help of several of our supporters, L•O PROFILE has found people who […]