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Nothing Sweeter than the Holidays

During the Christmas season, enjoying a martini and a warm cookie is a must! Rusty Rooster’s Chocolate Espresso Martini and PaPPos Pizzeria’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies are the perfect pairing for the holidays. Cheers to festive flavors!  


November is National Veterans Awareness Month and we are proud to feature John Morlock in the VIP Spotlight. Combat is a million-dollar experience tha you wouldn’t pay a dollar for,” says John Morlock, U.S. Army veteran.  It’s that experience that John’s been helping other veterans and first responders personally rise above in their daily civilian […]

Las Campanas REDUX

Situational irony. Those rare circumstances when unexpected tragic events, as disastrous as they may seem, actually turn out to present hidden opportunities. Such was the case of Las Campanas, the Elite Home featured in this issue’s remodeling story.  Learn more about this feature in this issue of L•O PROFILE.