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Build or Remodel Your Investment Portfolio

Build or Remodel Your Investment Portfolio

Just like building or remodeling a home, your investment portfolio requires a selection process that is in line with your needs and goals. To do this, you must identify your objectives and an investment mix to help you pursue those goals. When it comes to investing, greater reward generally carries greater risk. If you’re looking […]

Instinct to Impact: Miss Missouri Callie Cox

“Wellness is multi-faceted,” Callie highlights. “It’s being spiritually, physically, and mentally well. It’s finding my rhythm and rituals that give me a breather before I go out to start my day. I love my slow mornings drinking my coffee.” “I love being able to move my body and remembering that I’m fortunate to be able […]

Foods That Keep You Feeling Refreshed

There is a reason water is called the source of all life. Water is an essential nutrient for human life; in fact, the adult human body is around 60 percent water. Given water’s importance, as the heat and humidity rise in the summer, we may need to get creative to meet our hydration needs. “Staying […]

Estate Planning

If you haven’t created an estate plan or have one but the documents may be outdated, today’s unprecedented times are a reminder of how vital having an up-to-date plan can be. Here are five of the most important documents for many estate plans: 1. WILL A will provides instructions for when you die. You appoint […]

VIPs of Economic Growth

Financial Institutions, Investment Companies, Legal and Real Estate professionals are part of what makes the heart of the Lake area economics beat strong. Without these businesses’ insight on our future, the Lake economy would struggle to flourish. From helping newcomers find and purchase new homes, supporting other area businesses in growth, or by simply donating […]

Kansas City Chiefs: Commitment to Community Care

Throwing, catching and celebrating the value of giving. The Chiefs’ mission is to win with character, unite our community, honor tradition and inspire their fans. With each game played and each fan enabled by their time and generosity, the Chiefs Kingdom is strengthened and remains a strong beacon for others. The Super Bowl Champions Kansas […]

Miss Missouri Simone Esters: Before and Beyond Her Crown

With each sip of her morning tea, Simone Esters awakens to a brand-new day. Often, it’s a sparkling day sporting her glamorous tiara and sash, as she’s currently Miss Missouri and Miss America 2.0 second runner-up. Her day is typically brimming with myriad activities, people and purpose. Her daily wellness routine is resplendently simple, yet […]

Making the Lake a Better Place

L•O PROFILE is recognizing three deserving women for the work they do for our community. They spend their time working in a business, as well as volunteering time to make their community stronger. Brenda, Cyndi and Michelle are passionate ladies who work to improve the lives of others and reshape the community itself. Michelle Cook, […]

Missouri Roots & Cowboy Boots: The Legacy of Garth Brooks

He has surpassed Elvis Presley in album sales and yields the power to sell out stadiums (worldwide) within mere minutes, but those appear to be simple side effects for the 56-year-old singer from Oklahoma. Shocking the music industry and fans alike, Brooks retired at the top of his game in October 2000 to raise his […]

An Architect’s Touch of the Exquisite

Tom Roof and his wife Nicole transitioned their St. Louis-based architecture firm and founded the design-build firm TRX Architects + Constructors at the lake of the Ozarks in 2011. Tom is an architect and builder who has designed magnificent high-rises, and designs and builds exquisite custom homes. The couple found one of their favorite Lake […]