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All in the Family: Sheryl Crow Comes Home to Missouri

For Sheryl Crow, it’s all about family. The Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter credits her wholesome family background in Kennett, Missouri, the small town where she grew up, for shaping everything she has accomplished. Her parents, she says, have been the greatest influence on her life, and “I still make decisions based on what they […]

Toes To Heaven

Dustin and Britton Colquitt glance at their phones to find those words before each game; a message fueled by faith and sent by their mother. The saying serves as a constant reminder of who they’re playing for. It’s not the crowd of thousands of people, but a one-man audience, watching their one-man show. With the […]


Yearly, in the merry month of May, German-speaking societies rejoice and celebrate the passing of winter at their Maifest, as they anticipate a marvelous and successful growing season. At these county fair celebrations, attendees consume copious amounts of beer and Maiwein as they devour pig knuckles, wursts, cabbages, sauerkraut, pretzels, meatballs made from pork, veal […]

A Tropical Retreat: Paul & Kim’s Serene Lakeside Getaway

Set against Missouri’s burgeoning spring colors, the exterior of this unique Lake home exudes personality, from its Mediterranean design, stucco walls and classic columns to its Old World clay roof tiles in shades of cinnamon, saffron and caramel. Neighbors affectionately refer to the home in the upscale Villages community as the “little mermaid” or “orange […]

Classic British Beauty

Dr. Wes Stricker is a medical doctor who loves and collects airplanes. A gem in his collection is the world’s only flying example of a Supermarine Seafire XV carrier-based WWII British fighter. The Seafire XV is something of a hot rod among military aircraft. It has the highest horsepower-to-weight ratio of its group and could […]

A Few Facts About the Swiss

Schweizz-Suisse-Svizzera-Switzerland are monikers for the trilingual country in central Europe. Switzerland, a country about two times the size of New Jersey, is bordered by Italy, France, Germany and Lichtenstein. This landlocked mountainous haven is home to two very large lakes, Lake Geneva and Lake Maggiora; a unique climate with crisp snow in the higher mountains […]

Dazzling and Merry

After celebrating your Thanksgiving traditions and before you start the New Year’s resolutions, spend the season of giving and celebrating with those you love and appreciate. Everyone, no matter what type of function they are attending, deserves to feel their best! With the help of several of our supporters, L•O PROFILE has found people who […]